I am an illustrator and designer, specialising in the ridiculous. I like to inject humour and vibrancy into my work. I like making things, drawing, listening. I have quite the penchant for deadpan comedy. Ask me to draw a goose and I will draw twelve.

I like to create work based around my sense of humour. I think that an aspect of play makes up a large part of what I like to do.

You’ll always find my personality reflected in what I create.

I have a hands on approach to learning and enjoy building new skills. I relish reading publications relevant to these interests, as well as going to exhibitions and art fairs. 

I took part in Hi-Fest 2016 as part of the collective ‘Squid-Inc.’, where we each operated one arm of a three armed wooden squid at a time to draw a portrait of paying members of the public.